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Dr. Shi Xiong/Ms. Zhang Tianjiao
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Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific,School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China,

Call for Papers

Welcome papers and presentations with the following topics:

1.Hazardous waste management and safe disposal

 Hazardous waste characterization 

 Hazardous waste environmental risk assessment

 Hazardous waste management and convention implementation 

 POPs waste management and disposal

 Waste containing heavy metal management and disposal 

2.Solid waste with high value-added management and recycling

 WEEE management and recycling

 End-of-life vehicle management and recycling

 Polymer waste utilization and pollution control

3.Biomass treatment and resources energy utilization

 Clean incineration and ash treatment

 Sustainable landfill, leachate and landfill gas treatment and utilization

 Anaerobic digestion

 Mechanical biological treatment

 Sludge treatment and recycling

 Kitchen waste treatment and recycling

4.Circular economy and urban mining development 

 Circular economy design

 Resource conservation technologies

 Circular economy implementation in enterprises

 Circular economy measurement for products 

 User driven circular economy

5.Waste management evaluation 

 Life cycle assessment 

 Material flow analysis

 Evaluation methods 

 Decision support tools

6.Industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization

7.Construction and demolition waste disposal and utilization

8.Regional chemicals management and emergency response

9.Contaminated site remediation and environmental supervision

10.Solid waste management and greenhouse gas reduction

11.Final sinks

12.Technology transfer

Paper Requirements

Please submit the abstract and full-text paper on with the above topics. The papers will be compiled into conference processing English Proceedings of the  Eleventh International Conference on Waste Management and Technology. The outstanding papers will be selected and awarded by Steering Committee Members and recommended to SCI journal to peer review.

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Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific,
School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China,
Tel:+86-10-62794351 +86-10-82686410 Fax:+86-10-62772048
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