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Zuo Tieyong

 Zuo Tieyong,Professor/Academician, Beijing University of Technology  

Posting Experiences and Academic Achievements of Professor ZUO Tieyong

Brief Personal Information

Prof. Zuo was born in the year of 1936 and graduated from the Northeast University of China in the year of 1958.

Posting Experiences

l 1958-1991 Professor, Instructor of Doctorate Students, and Vice President, Central South University

l 1991-1996 Director-General,the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education of China

l 1995-present Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering

l 1996-2004 Vice Chairman, Chinese Association of Science and Technology Vice President, Chinese Materials Research Society

l 1996-2004 President, Beijing University of Technology

Present Posts:

Director, the Academic Committee of Beijing University of Technology

Member, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council

Deputy Director, the Education Committee of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Deputy Director, the Science and Technology Committee of Ministry of Education of China

Vice President, the Non-Ferrous Metals Society of China

Chairman, the Educational Research Association of Chinese local universities

Academic Achievements

In his more than fifty-year educational and academic experiences, Prof. Zuo has achieved great academic attainments in the fields of the infusible metal materials, the rare earth function materials and the light alloys and is one of the mayor scientists in these research fields of China. Up to now, he has published more than 300 academic research papers and 8 monographs and has achieved 4 items of national-level rewards on the advancement of science and technology and 11 items of the provincial and ministerial level. During the recent years, he has been the pioneering researches and exploitations in the field of the environmental materials and recycling economy in China. In 1991, he was awarded the title of “the Middle-aged and Young Scientific and Technological Expert with the Outstanding Contributions Recognized at the National Level.” In 2006, he was awarded the “Ho Leung Ho Lee” Award by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 2007, he was awarded the “Renowned Teachers of University” Award by the Ministry of Education of China.

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